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How 'Shaphee Lanphee', a Manipuri traditional handicraft has been kept alive. - Maisnam Lalini

Start Date: 10-11-2022
End Date: 10-11-2023
Maisnam Lalini Devi, a weaver from Wangkhei Yonglan Leirak village is a renowned Shaphee Lanphee artisan. She has been working for many years to preserve and promote the dying art of Shaphee Lanphee, which she learned from her mother. She was selected for a national award by the Textiles Ministry in the endangered craft category for her work in producing Saphee Lanphee in 2019. Shaphee Lanphee is a rare traditional handwoven textile fabric of Manipur embroidered with meaningful motifs, usually, worn as a Shawl. Every embroidered motif has a deeper significance or a narrative to tell. She wants to draw the attention of the people to help promote the craft, out of concern that the ancient craft will lose its status.
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