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COVID WARRIOR: Dr. Yaikhomba Taorem

Start Date: 17-07-2021
End Date: 19-07-2022
Dr. Yaikhomba Taorem is currently serving as a consultant pediatrician at the Shija Hospitals and Research Institute, Imphal. He takes out time from his busy schedule and visits home-isolated, COVID-affected children to check upon them. He also provides medicines and essential items such as face masks and hand sanitizers for free to the children. His prime focus is sensitizing parents to watch out for the warning signs while taking care of COVID-positive children at home. In this work, he is helped by nurses from various hospitals such as Shija Hospitals and Irengbam Thamcha Devi Nursing and Health Care Research Institute voluntarily. The Imphal West Students' Club, Khumbong acts as the coordinator for such drives. Local clubs contact them and a schedule is charted out. Started from Khumbong, he has covered many places. He also frequently helps out patients via phone calls and video conferences.
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