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Imphal Municipal Corporation

Imphal Municipal Corporation

is responsible for the development of Imphal town which is the headquarter of the Imphal District of the state. The goal of achieving a balanced development of the Region is attempted by the Imphal Municipal Corporation through the following strategies:
Preparation of perspective plans
Provision of development finance
Promotion of alternative growth centers
Strengthening of infrastructure facilities
Providing Market access and E-commerce

Vision & Mission

Imphal Municipal Corporation’s main mission and vision are to provide basic amenities to the general public of Imphal City.

    To provide basic civic amenities in the jurisdiction of Imphal Municipality.
    To collect Tax and Non- Tax revenues.
    Issue of Trade / Food Licenses.
    Maintenance of Public Places like Parks / Gardens, etc.
    To provide access to Socio-Economic databases
    To provide Citizen-Centric (Govt. to Citizen) services, E-Governance applications.
    Market access and E-commerce
    Generation of Employment.
    To use IT tools for sustainable regional development

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