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Forest Department, Government of Manipur

Manipur is known for its richness in biodiversity including endemic flora and fauna, varied topographic and climatic features, cultural heritage, etc. The abundance in the diversity of the forests and its resources are attributed to the ideal location of the state in the junction of two world’s hot spots of biodiversity, the India-Myanmar hot spot and the Himalayan hot spot of biological diversity.

The mission of Forest Department, Government of Manipur:
Conserve dense forest cover and increase the density of open forests.
Increase Protected Area Network (PAN) and improve protection network for wildlife conservation.
Encourage sustainable utilization of forest resources, NTFPs, and medicinal plants.
Strengthen network for the protection of forests and prevention of forest fires.
Prevent environmental loss and climate change by maintaining the carbon sink.
Develop a forest resource base to create more opportunities for employment, economic activities, and livelihood.
Beautification of cities/township and river banks.
Bring Manipur on the Tourism map of India by promoting Ecotourism and developing local markets.
Developing a sense of ownership among communities towards natural resources and forests by involving them in forest management and planning.
Encourage Research and development of natural resource management.
Generate mass awareness towards the protection and conservation of forests and wildlife.