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Department Of Transport

The Transport Department deals with the subject matter relating primarily to Road Transport. The Department administers the Motor Vehicles Taxation Act and Rules made thereunder. The Department also controls, supervises and regulates the working and functioning of the various bodies under the Department. These bodies are the State Transport Authority and the Regional Transport Authorities. There is also a Corporation under the Transport Department namely Manipur Transport Corporation which was constituted under the Road Transport Act, 1950. It is a major revenue earning department and has also an important and significant role to play in the matter of rationalisation, development and improvement of Public Surface Transport System.
Transport Department is responsible for administering, regulating and controlling Motor Vehicles in accordance with the provisions of the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. It also enforces Acts and Rules under the Manipur Motor Vehicles Taxation Act (Assam Act IX of 1936 as adapted and as amended by Manipur) and ManipurMotor Vehicles Taxation Rules (Assam Rules of 1936 as adapted and as amended by Manipur).
The main activity of the Transport Department is to administer, regulate and control Motor Vehicles by way of registration of vehicles, issue of Driving Licenses and Conductor Licenses, granting of Road Permits for transport vehicles and in fostering and nurturing the development and growth of Road Transport Services in the State and to collect revenue from Motor Vehicle Tax, etc. Providing Pool Cars for use by VIPs, Ministers, State Guests and Dignitaries is another important activity of the Department.