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Department of MAHUD

Department matters :

All matters relating to Administration of Municipal Council(s), Nagar Panchayat(s) and Small Town Committee.
All matters relating to Administration of the State Town & Country Planning Organization.
All matters relating to Urban Development including
(a) Urban Sanitation
(b) Urban Drainage
(c) Urban Sewerage ; and
(d) Urban Traffic and Transportation etc.
All matters relating to Housing, both Urban and Rural.
All matters relating to the Control and Supervision of Planning and Development Authority.
All matters relating to administration and Housing Board.

Acts & Rules :

Manipur Municipalities Act, 1994 and Rules framed under it.
Shri Shri Govindajee Temple Act, 1972, Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple Act, 1976 and similar acts enacted by the State Legislature for management of religious institution and matters connected therewith.
Manipur Town & Country Planning Act, 1975 and Rules framed under it.
Manipur State Housing Board Act, 1981.