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Suggestion to Doubling the income of the Farmers

Start Date: 09-08-2018
End Date: 30-08-2018

Three modules for doubling of farmer’s income developed in the State: ...

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Three modules for doubling of farmer’s income developed in the State:

1. Short Term Plan to earn immediate results: It includes all those activities which are expected to give a result within the current and following seasons onwards. The main works are to impart awareness, training, demonstration, etc. to all stakeholders.
2. Medium Term Plan: It includes their activities which are expected to start giving results from (around 2019-2020) and would give lasting effect on a long term basis. This includes initiation of actions on Reforms on Agriculture sector, the main focus as laid down by the Government of India, Niti Ayog and agreed by all stakeholders in the country are reforms on the following points.
i. Marketing sectors of Agricultural produce
ii. To legislate Land leasing law to facilitate availing of loans by the farmers. Necessary action for legislation of the same has already been taken up by the Department of Revenue
iii. Exemption of all kinds of trees grown in private lands from “Felling and Transit Regulations of Trees” has already been done by the Forest Department
iv. Legislation of Contract farming Act top provide assured and optimum cluster-based organized income of farmers
v. All the financial institutions in the State have to ensure providing credit to the farmers as per their annual targets in the Annual Credit Plans.
3. Long Term Plan: It includes the creation of permanent assets that will contribute to the efficiency of the farming, Marketing and economic activities connected with Agriculture and allied sectors. This includes
i. Establishment of an enabling environment for timely providing right Agricultural inputs
ii. Creation of Agricultural Infrastructure for training,
ii. Quality seeds and planting materials/improved breeds
iv. Irrigation infrastructure/Development of natural water bodies in to public fish farms
v. Setting up of Feed Processing Plants,
vi. Connectivity between farms and collection Centers, Collection Centers to main Markets and State main markets to other National and International Markets.

Suggestion on different Interventions both for pre-sowing and Post harvest
1. Integrated Farming system on different modules
a) Tree based farming System
b) Horticulture based farming System
c) Fishery based Farming System
d) Livestock based farming System
e) Silvi Pastoral
2. Input Production.
a) Construction of Vermi Compost pit and production
b) Silage making
3. Construction of Water Harvesting Tank
4. In situ Moisture Conservation
5. Water lifting devices
6. Reclamation of Acid soil
7. Formation of Farmers Producers Organization (FPO) for E-Auction.
8. Construction of Agriculture Market Sheds
9. Popularizing Apiculture for increasing Crop Production and income of landless farmers.
10. Promotion of Farm Mechanization for reducing cost of production.

Department has given effort to improve income of the farmers with the aim of achieving "Doubling the income of the Farmers by 2022". Hence, suggestion and valuable inputs are invited from very section to improve the income of the farmers in the State.

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