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Share your views on School Fagathansi Mission

Start Date: 11-09-2019
End Date: 30-03-2020

School Fagathansi Mission is an initiative started by the Government of Manipur with an objective to develop government schools across the State for overall development in shaping ...

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School Fagathansi Mission is an initiative started by the Government of Manipur with an objective to develop government schools across the State for overall development in shaping future pillars of the society. It was launched on 18 January 2019 at Yumnam Huidrom Government High School, Manipur. Under this mission, one Government school each in the 60 Assembly constituencies of the State are developed as model schools with basic standard infrastructures having classes from Pre-Nursery to Class X/XII.

Here are the parameters laid down under the mission:
• Conceptualized approach for improving School Education sector in the State.
• Garner trust of the people towards government schools so as to increase both performance and enrolment.
• Each school to accommodate 600-1000 students or have the capacity to grow to accommodate the same.
• Conversion of composite schools with different class structures comprising of Primary classes to X/XII.
• Introduction to a pre-primary section at nearby Anganwadi Centers close to the identified schools under the mission in consultation with the Social Welfare Dept.
• Selection of teachers shall be based on an interview at the beginning of the academic session from amongst available Government school teachers through notification.
• Selected teachers shall serve for at least 3 years and their continuance shall be based on their performance and other criteria set by the Department.
• Infrastructural inputs such as classrooms, laboratories, clean drinking water facilities, etc. meeting basic standards as per RTE and other relevant norms.
• Involving local stakeholders to improve school education.

Share your own views about the mission and also let us know if there are other measures that can be implemented to these model schools under the mission for improving its services and functionalities.

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Hidangmayum Kunjalata Devi 2 years 2 months ago

No specific plans haven't been heard on Anganwadi AWC merge with Pre school children (3-6years) with Education Dept. Some of our Anganwadi Workers and Helpers are confused on this matter.


Tarangkhomba 2 years 8 months ago

As an initiative to take out the burden of heavy school bag, the govt has as announced saturday as no school bag day, however, that is not a solution to heavy school bag. Therefore, we need to come up with a viable solution. Union HRD ministry has already issued weight limit of school bags for each std/class. My humble suggestion is that, we also implement weight limit of school bags on all the schools. It can be done by reducing the no of note books being carried. I've a notebook design


Laljit Ningthoujam 2 years 8 months ago

Mayamna piriba comment singse kanana edn minister,CM youhanbidoino,Kanana moniter twbidoino. Thank twbda govt. Khaktada twba yade private mihut kharaga khutshamnadradi Mai sungpak pakoi. Problem ama face twrise public eikhoini govt. Natey aduna problem ama solve twnaba pambei puthorakpada govt.and problem face twriba public ka khutshamnaba ama darkar lei


Laljit Ningthoujam 2 years 8 months ago

Ojasinggi quality regular checking darkar tai.oja loubagi interview lwbada lairikki question hangadw nattey masagi moral Hanna check twgadwni interview da then,maagee interective oibagi tendency check twgadwni.mayamna BEdn. hainarise hwjkti darkar oidre hurallaga BEdn.loi twnare. Masigi tamfam centre se Manipur da quality leiba centre 2 ahum khaktada ayaba pigadbni.BEdn is useless in Manipur.They even don't know how to interect with students.


Laljit Ningthoujam 2 years 8 months ago

First of all congratulation to our present gov. for such good steps of development towards society.But the major problem regarding the school fagathansi mission is the quality that we should ama gi oja singse yamna soire.oja haibase lairiktang takaga oja oire haiba yade,satraga good relation ama create twbani ngamgadbni,interesting oihangadbni take a topic toh moreover games and sports tasu thawai yaoshangadbni.oja ahal amata oihalloidbni experience yam leirasu.


film world 2 years 8 months ago

in a district like Jiribam far from Imphal city every primary schools n ups n high school have problems govt knows but behave as if we dont know!! no trust on manipur education dprtmnt sorry i dont think this mission will success!! i'm just sharing my what ve seen in my District! g


film world 2 years 8 months ago

Good step! quality education is more important i would Board exam n council exam dont send that external why only on exam day why not on before exam going every gvt schools n check whether classes r going on or not smoothly n how!!


Purnaraj 2 years 8 months ago

I just wanted to say is that,as I'm also a student.
Do you know why everyone in the state hate govt school it is due to the behavioural attitudes of the member in the school.
As we are living in the world of technology and science the school must equipped with great technology which all the student find in attractive and want to go to school.
It's the great initiative and the "no school bag day " is amazing


Mohammad Liyaquat Rahaman 2 years 8 months ago

It is great step take up by government. But there are lot more to improve school construction, management, facilities n one more up-to-date education in modern society still some school in village are in lower stage no teacher, construction and SMC is not working please look after such school in village.