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What are you thankful to our farmers about?

Start Date: 23-12-2021
End Date: 23-12-2022

Food is the foundation of our everyday lives. ...

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Food is the foundation of our everyday lives.

Farmers work hard to put food on our tables everyday and as custodians of the land, they are front-line environmentalists.

Tell us why you are thankful to the farmers.

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Nasim Kutchi 1 month 2 weeks ago

cont-- ***MOTHER **** AND ****FARMERS*** both are a great ***WARRIOR*** according to there thoughts and mind and hard work with efforts and respect and taking care. ****MOTHER*** IS our own MAA and the place or the field where the workers or farmers cultivate the crops for the citizen of INDIA is inside our MOTHER LAND... So in other word that is also our **MAA** from where we get food to keep ourselves survive in this world. We should always remember that a farmer is always faithful to his work