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Dance Movement Therapy: Beating COVID-19 one dance at a time

Start Date: 24-06-2021
End Date: 01-06-2022
Meet Smt. Maibam Ranita Devi, a Community Health Officer from Manipur. She is actively taking part in monitoring and addressing grievances of home isolated COVID-positive patients and those staying at Community Quarantine Centres. To beat the stress and anxiety, she introduced Dance Movement Therapy as an activity for the patients. The sessions have been quite a hit among the patients and many have recognised the value of such sessions. As a health worker herself, she had her share of anxiety and stress. She then found Dance Movement Therapy and found it quite beneficial in her personal life. This prompted her to impart her knowledge to the patients as well. A Florence Nightingale Award winner, Maibam Ranita's innovative approach has definitely put another ray of hope to the patients.
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